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Derby Union

The poor law offices, as well as those of the assistant overseer and collectors and Superintendent Registrar of marriages, are in Becket Street. They were erected in 1893 at a cost of 13,000, form a handsome building of freestone. The ground floor offices are occupied by the rate collectors and assistant overseers. The first floor offices are occupied by the Clerk to the Guardians, Philip B. Chadfield esq. 
The Board meet every Tuesday at 2.30pm.

The Derby Union comprises the following places:
All Saints, Darley Abbey, Litchurch, Little Chester, New Normanton, St Alkmund, St Michael, St Peter, St Werburgh. Rowditch.

Relieving Officers;
North District, G. R. Oliver
South District, James Spencer
West District, William Webster

The Workhouse, about 1 miles from the Town, near the Uttoxeter Road, was completed in 1878, and is a plain brick building with stone dressings, with a large central clock tower and is built in four separate blocks, including vagrant and receiving wards, infirmary and schools.

Staff at the Workhouse 1895
Frederick W. Allwood Master
Rev. George T. Hutchinson Chaplain
Charles Augustus Greaves Medical Officer
Miss Emily Bassett Matron
W. G. Benton Schoolmaster
Emily Binch Schoolmistress
Eliza Quick Infants Mistress

Derby City Hospital

This Hospital was built as an Infirmary by the Derby Board 
of Guardians, on ground opposite the Workhouse.

Gateway to the entrance.
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126001.jpeg

Main Entrance
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126002.jpeg

Ward Blocks to the Right
of Main building.
Picture taken May 2000
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Further Ward Blocks
Picture taken May 2000
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Main entrance doorway.
Picture taken May 2000
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Foundation Stone in Main
entrance, dedicated to Chairman
of the Board.
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126006.jpeg

Second foundation stone in Main
entrance, Dedicated to The Clerk to the
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126007.jpeg

Plan of Derby City Hospital
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126008.jpeg

House at the Entrance to the
Picture taken May 2000
ref: 126009.jpeg

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